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About Us

We live in a time where the world is moving so fast.  We are overlooking some of life’s most precious moments.  These are the moments that matter.  The here.  The now.  The today. What better way to do that then over amazing loose-leaf teas, hot out of the oven scones and the company of your dear family and friends? We are on a mission to slow people down so that they can enjoy what they have with the people they love now.  Not tomorrow, not when things are sorted out and you’ve got everything figured out, but now.  Now is all that matters. 

Tea & Teacups is an afternoon tearoom that provides a delightful, elegant, and memorable experience by offering over 100 different fine-loose teas & award-winning artesian scones.   We are honored to be able to help the community enjoy tea and life with the people they love.  We know how valuable your time is and how many other options are out there.  We are proud that you have chosen to spend your time with us.  We value our guests.  You are more than guests- you are our cherished friends.  We are more than just a tea break; we ARE enjoying life to the fullest one cup at a time.