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About Us

We’d like to welcome you to our own little niche in the world.  We invite you to come in and relax. Sit and chat for a while and enjoy the here and now. While you decompress you can enjoy our place.  A place we’ve created by pushing away what we cannot control.  A place- where creativity and passion meet. Where they intertwine with class and sophistication.  Where we make our memories and solidify lifelong friendships.  We are a community.  We are a team.  We are a tribe. We are not a destination. We are an experience.  Welcome to Tea & Teacups. We’re leaving our mark and hope you’ll choose to stay awhile.


“Love this cute tea shop. I was worried when I heard it was for sale and sold. But the new owners are just as fantastic as the original one. Same great recipes and cute decor.”

Dar Dar E